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Saturday, August 27, 2005

since 02/05 3klicks.de Vertriebsges. mbH/Qlikworld BV
Head of Marketing und Syndication
- Project Management www.plazoo.com and pr.plazoo.com
- Market Observation and Strategy
- Specialist for RSS & Blogs
05/02 to 01/05 Freelancer Multimedia
- Online Advertising
- Conception and Support of Websites
- Editorial Office
- Public Relations
- Translations German/English
(References upon request)
10/98 to 02/02 TOMORROW/FOCUS AG (Hamburg)
03/00 to 02/02
Editor-in-Chief PLAYGROUND
- Responsibility for Budget and Staff
- Project Management Technical and Graphical Relaunch
- Future Strategy and Development
- Development of New Community Concepts for AMICA Online and Fit for Fun Online
03/99 to 02/00
Head of Advertising (Deputy)
- Planning and Implementation of Online Campaigns
- Planning and Implementation of Offline Campaigns - - Acquisition of Barter Deals
10/98 to 02/99
Assistent Online Sales
- Market Watch
- Development and Realisation of New Sales Folder
- Editorial Work for the Sales Website
02/97 to 09/98 Publishing Group Milchstrasse
Freelancer for the Editorial Department
gabriele vogt
06/96 to 12/96 EMG GmbH & Co. (Berlin)
Provider for Digital TV
Assistant of the Managing Director
10/86 to 06/96 BIOTRONIK GmbH & Co. (Berlin)
Manufacturer of Medical Products for
Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Assistant to the Head of Marketing and Sales
- Planning and Organisation on International Congress
- Planning and Organisation of Trainings for Customers and and Sales Staff
- Organisation and Realisation of Incentives
08/85 to 08/86 VKS Dr. Dörnemann GmbH & Co. (Salzgitter)
Manufacturer of Security Equipement
Intern for the Export Department and Managing Director


in 2003 Basic Class Spanish
in 2002 Seminar Project Management
in 2001 Seminar Community Management
in 2000 Seminar for Executive Staff
Seminar Communication Trainining


1983 to 1985
Vocational Schools Salzgitter
Vocational Training for "Economy Assistant"
The training was focussed on languages and correspondence

1973 bis 1983

Grammar School Salzgitter-Bad


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) & Social Software (e.g. Blogs)

Operating Systems
Windows, MAC OS

MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
MS Project
Quark Express

English fluently
Good skills of French
Basic skills of Spanish


Fitness Training
Fitness training is my daily routine. Since 1998 I am a member of the renowned fitness club Kaifu-Lodge in Hamburg. Regular training of my stamina in aerobics classes and weight lifting for my strength are indispensable to keep me energetic.

Blogging ist my latest hobby. I do not want to miss the contacts I have made with blogging (either on- or offline).

My most favorite reads are books of the US writers Joyce Carol Oates, T.C. Boyle, and the Canadian writer Douglas Coupland. In order to improve my languages skills I read all books in English only.